The image of a teenager desperately trying to explore a server’s vulnerability on the Internet from his room in a basement is long gone. Today, there are new and very structured organizations that are behind cybernetics acts with the malicious intent to damage the information systems of private and public organizations. In this context, it is crucial for organizations to:

  • Control business risks associated with cyber-security;
  • Be prepared in the eve of cyber attacks;
  • Contain cyber-attacks by identifying their causes and their consequences.

Our assets

To better understand the scope, DATAPROTECT provides different kinds of tests, bytaking into account the needs, expectations and customer requirements.

- An outstanding experience in the subject matter:
  • Capitalizing on several similar missions
  • Industrializing the approach of support in the establishment of cyber-security projects
  • An ongoing monitoring process of cyber-security
- La mise en place d’un Laboratoire d’Ethical Hacking :
- Set up of an Ethical Hacking Lab:
- Set up of a “Security Operations Center”
- A globally recognized accreditation as a PCI QSA and PA QSA
- A positioning in the cyber-security ecosystem
- A book on “Cybercrime in Morocco” published in 2010 by author Ali EL AZZOUZI
- Several published articles in the media and specialized magazines on IS security
- Facilitation of several international seminars on cyber-security
- Steering of the Moroccan chapter of the International Association of Cybercrime Prevention

Our references

DATAPROTECT assisted the Telecommunications/ICT Regulation Authority (ARTCI) of Ivory Coast in the implementation of the following projects:

  • Implementation of a root PKI solution and an experimental PKI
  • Implementation of a national continuity plan
  • Protection of critical infrastructures
  • Establishment of an authority for the protection of personal data