More than a mere career booster, professional certifications in information systems security have become strongly recommended to efficiently ensure a ramp up of the skills of IS security sector professionals. A leader in its field, DATAPROTECT provides you with a training offering that's dedicated to information security. It boasts unrivalled advantages and guarantees:

  • A tried and tested methodological framework
  • Market-recognized experts in IS security
  • Many references in the field of IS security at renowned institutions in Morocco and abroad
  • A unique positioning that is both methodological and specialized
  • A strong presence in the information security ecosystem
  • The first Ethical Hacking Laboratory in Morocco
  • A training center approved by the EC-Council
  • A company that's accredited by the PCI SSC (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, etc.) consortium for PCI DSS and PA DSS certification
  • A company that's approved by the OFPPT for the reimbursement of trainings

Our Trainings

The following trainings list is suggested based on most customers's needs in terms of information security :

Our references