Business Continuity Plan

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is designed and implemented to reduce the impacts of these possible disasters. The different plans that make up the BCP (IT back-up plan, Crisis management plan, Restocking plan, etc.) will ensure the continuity of the company’s business in terms of critical operations that are essential to its survival

Our approach

DATAPROTECT’s approach focuses on the following phases:

  • Determining the governance of business continuity.

  • Defining the roles and responsibilities to ensure the success of the BCP project.

  • Classification of the company’s activities: Achieve perfect knowledge of the operational and support processes, and of the steering of the company.

  • Risk response: Rating and processing methodology of the unavailability risks applied to the organization.

  • Business requirements :

    • Analysis of the business stakes by carrying out of a Business Impact Analysis – BIA.
    • Defining continuity requirements (RTO/DMIA, RPO/PDMA).
    • Defining the Backup Requirements of the users

  • Elaboration of the Continuity Strategy: Taking into account the vital processes and integration of the vital human resources requirements
  • Formalizing the BCP:

    • The Business Continuity Planning
    • The User Recovery Plan
    • Sizing and selection of the backup site
    • The Recovery Procedures
    • The Operational and Decisional Crisis Management System
    • The procedure for crisis management / Crisis Communication

  • Continuous improvement of the BCP:

    • Training campaign of key players of the BCP
    • Defining and documenting BCP Testing (Testing forms, Testing procedures, monitoring system…)
    • BCP Testing

  • Definition of the continuous improvement system or of Maintenance of Operational Conditions (MOC)

Our assets

Assisting our customers in the implementation of business continuity plans was designed as an added-value offering through:

  • Assistance provided by expert consultants:

    • Trained consultants that are certified in: L.A ISO 22301, L.I ISO 22301, CISA, PCI QSA, PA QSA, CISSP, L.A ISO 27001, L.I ISO 27001
    • Qualified consultants: demonstrated experience on similar projects .

  • A globally recognized accreditation as a PCI QSA and PA QSA

  • An implementation methodology which guarantees the completion of the mission within the deadlines, in line with the important milestones of the management cycle and of the implementation of the business continuity plans.

Our references

DATAPROTECT has carried out various missions focusing on continuity plan audits, implementation of continuity plans and ISO 22301 certifications for several organizations. We can namely cite :