Protection of personal data

After having carried out several projects assisting with the compliance with law 09-08 for companies from different sectors, DATAPROTECT now has a very rich and diversified experience in assisting companies with law 09-08.

Our approach

Taking into account the sensitive nature of legal compliance projects, DATAPROTECT has developed a pragmatic approach allowing the understanding of the cross-sectional nature of projects related to achieving compliance with law 09-08. From carrying out an awareness-raising action at the beginning of the project to the handling of the different formalities with the CNDP, to the inventory of all the processes requiring personal data, DATAPROTECT commits to carrying out projects of achieving compliance with law 09-08 from start to end.

Our tool

Based on its experience, DATAPROTECT developed an application, which allows the possibility for our customers to monitor the project of achieving compliance with law 09-08 from start to end, and to consolidate in a single location all of the information regarding the mapping of the processes requiring personal data. For more information, visit the following link:

Our references

DATAPROTECT has assisted several organizations in their achieving compliance with law 09-08. We can namely cite: