Security Operations Center

DATAPROTECT's SOC is based on a proven solution, renowned for its quality and the accuracy of its results. It's a modular and scalable SIEM (Security Information Event Management) platform composed of devices used to collect, normalize, correlate, and view information coming from external, heterogeneous data sources. As a matter of fact, in addition to the common functions of standard SIEMs, the solution provides the following features:

  • Network Security Monitoring: capture and analysis of network traffic, accounting flows/policy

  • Security Audit Correlation: use of VA/PT for the correlation

  • Anomaly Detection: Log & Packet, Network Behavior, Semantic

  • User Awareness: integration with IAM/IDM

  • Natively integrated Intrusion Detection

The platform generates a real-time unified vision of the events and the context (Situational Awareness), hence enabling to identify threats and suspicious activity.