Time synchronization

With time, computer clocks tend to drift. The NTP (Network Time Protocol) protocol is one of the ways to ensure that your time remains accurate.

Our time synchronization offering involves the integration of the NTS-6000-GPS NTP server by Galleon, which combines a radio clock based on GPS and a Linux computer.

Below are a few of the solution's features:

  • Stratum-1, secure, ready for use, NTP time server, using SSH and HTTPS
  • Assistance for NTP v2, NTP v3, NTP v4 and SNTP compatible customers
  • Configured across the network by a secure browser interface 

  • Suitable for use together with other NTP time servers, for a reinforced synchronization security
  • MD5 authentication for an advanced security
  • Expandable flash memory
  • Double RJ-45 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interfaces
  • An antenna connected with 1 000 m max. of 6-wire cables
  • Time and satellite status display on the front panel
  • Direct-reading wall clocks synchronized by the network are optional
  • Includes an active GPS antenna
  • SSH supported for enhanced security
  • Monitoring/configuration by http / html / https (RFC2616)
  • SNTP, NTP assistance by day and time protocol

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