Who we are

Since its inception in 2009, DATAPROTECT has been perceived as a key player in the Cybersecurity ecosystem.

  • Commitment
  • Support
  • Expertise

With over 500 active clients in 3 continents, we are firmly commited to provide an advanced expertise and holistic support to make Cybersecurity a key lever of good governance.

Supporting our clients – including some hundred of banks – on a daily basis, bearing in mind the special and specific features of their lines of business, helps us build significant experience feedback and library of use cases that strengthens our knowhow and expertise further.

From our offices, an experienced team of over 150 Full Security Consultants assists clients to reenforce their IS security, to enable them to achieve compliance with various regulatory standards and requirements and to protect their sensitive data and brand image.

A strong ability to deliver

With our commitment and our alert and responsive team, we spare no effort to meet your cyber-objectives.


Our mission is to support clients with an informative, diverse and high-value added experience feedback, in various cybersecurity subjects.


A company is nothing without the energy and skills of its people. Our values and business culture coordinate the efforts of all and reflect the performance of each.

Customer focus

We are all committed to our clients, to better anticipate, advise and support.

Respect and diversity

Diversity is our asset. Mutual respect and trust form part of our core beliefs.


We highly promote team's creativity, as a genuine drive booster.


Our quality and transparency standards are a development tool that guarantees consistently committed efforts.


With a background lined with salient events and challenges, DATAPROTECT has built and reinforced its knowhow, supporting the cybersecurity strategies of multiple structures.
With over 200 cybersecurity certifications to our track record, our journey is part of an ongoing drive for improvement.


Thanks to its strong commitment, DATAPROTECT was granted several internationally recognized accreditations:

1 st private CSIRT in the region accedited by first
accreditations recognized in the financial ecosystem PCI QSA 3DS assessor, PCI QPA,PA QSA, PCI CPSA, PCI SSFA
PASSI certification by DGSSI in six areas of qualification PCI QSA,3DS assessor, PCI QPA,PA QSA, PCI CPSA, PCI SSFA
accredited training center for a certificate-based cybersecurity course (EC-council,PECB) ATC

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