Attack your information asset to better protect it

With various technical audits, our offensive security white hats build on standards and approaches globally recognized for:

  • Detecting your infrastructure holes and vulnerabilities via ethical hacking
  • As a PASSI certified, we support the OIVs (Organizations of Vital Importance) to better understand and handle the cyberthreats by proposing tangible corrective actions adjusted to your business and your issues


DevSecOps Methodology

Security being essential at all levels of application development, our cyberexperts use a DevSecOps methodology to help you:

  • Seamlessly integrate security in the beginning of your projects
  • Reduce your development cycles

Regarding this security control integration, our consultants guide digital factories in their transformative projects, to better meet the innovation challenges.

ICS security audit

Under industry 4.0, operational technologies are increasingly exposed to industry-specific cyberthreats. Our GIAC - GICSP (Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional) certified resources enable you to enhance your industrial system’s protection, using the best OT environment security practices.

Red team

The innovative Red Team penetration test simulates a complex and advanced attack, targeting all of the company assets. With the Red Team missions accomplished by our cybersecurity experts, you can identify as many protection vulnerabilities as possible (both technical and human), by exhaustively assessing their security level.

Application security audit

Secure your customer data by auditing your application security. Using a methodological source code audit and penetration test, besides reference tools such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), our Offensive Security team thoroughly identifies application vulnerabilities (configuration and/or development errors).

Penetration tests

With years of experience in the field, our experts are developing various penetration tests, in order to simulate actual attack conditions conducted externally or internally (black box, gray box, white box). Our penetration tests are specifically designed for each client, covering:

  • External penetration tests
  • Internal penetration tests
  • Application penetration tests: to analyze the sturdiness of applications when seriously attacked (SQL injection, cross-site scripting)
  • Social engineering: to challenge teams’ willingness using phishing, spear phishing, identity theft scenarios, etc.
  • Physical penetration tests

Architecture audit

Enhance your architecture security by assessing your IS compliance. As our consultants are well aware of cyberattackers’ practices, they perform in-depth analysis of your architecture. Taking into consideration your constraints and goals, we provide you with a solid and scalable architecture.

Configuration audit

Set up an optimal and secure configuration of your assets, by detecting security vulnerabilities.
Using a structured approach and good practices, our experts perform your configuration audits (critical servers, security devices, workstations…).


  30+  certified consultants, highly qualified and dedicated
  40+  technical audit framework contracts
  3 600+  man-days security revenue achieved a year
    Numerous DevSecOps support missions for digital factories
    Numerous cybersecurity accreditations (PCI DSS, PA DSS, PCI 3DS, PCI PIN, PCI CP, PCI PFI, CSP SWIFT);

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DATAPROTECT is a cybersecurity company. As a real international key player, DATAPROTECT is strategically positioned in the cybersecurity ecosystem, thanks to its pool of skills and unique expertise.









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