Technology alone cannot fend off cyberattacks: the human capital plays a decisive role in any successful cybersecurity project. Our committed and experienced employees are key players in keeping our customers satisfied.


Because our success is driven by yours!
  • You have a passion for cybersecurity
  • You are concerned about data protection
  • You wish to build your skills in a challenging ever-changing business
  • You seek a rich and diverse experience
Several opportunities are awaiting you at DATAPROTECT!


At DATAPROTECT, staff members are valued and empowered.
We are offering you much more than a job:
  • A collaborative work environment, which advocates diversity and mutual respect
  • Assignments that trigger your intellectual interests
  • The opportunity to evolve and grow in a promising field
Joining DATAPROTECT means working at a leading company, recognized for its innovative capabilities and cybersecurity expertise.
Ready to join us in our mission and to become a DATAPROTECTOR?
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Cybersecurity Advisor

My job enables me to excel. Each mission is a challenge. Since day one, I’ve had my Manager’s back. Our GRC Business Unit stands out by its limitless skill sharing and transfer. We have built long-term trust with our customers, and such commitment is a daily inspiration. For me, DATAPROTECT stands for growth, omnipresence and vanguardism.

IS Security Advisor

Diversity of sectors (banks, ministries, industrial companies…) and interaction with customers are the most thrilling parts of what I do. Much more than a job, cybersecurity is a real passion that I’m lucky to experience every day. Each project bears its own challenges on a daily basis, which incites me to try my best. DATAPROTECT is a family, a school, a real cybersecurity player in Morocco.

Key Account Manager

I am delighted to work with passionate and dedicated people. Our team is committed; working in such an exciting, friendly and respectful environment is inspiring. My motto: “Brace yourself and remember that you live only once to do the job you love…”. To me, DATAPROTECT stands out through its commitment, performance and skills.

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